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4 Serious Consequnces Of Not Seeking Windshield Repair Or Replacement Immediately

A defective windshield is a safety hazard, which is why you should not continue to drive with damaged windshields. Some types of damage can be remedied with a windshield repair. However, drivers who ignore repair issues may experience worse damage that warrants a windshield replacement. The following points highlight a few of the consequences drivers might encounter for driving with damaged windshields.

Weakened Structural Integrity

The windshield is an important part of the structural integrity of vehicles. If it is damaged, it loses its integrity and may not be able to serve its purpose in a serious accident such as a rollover. This could lead to the roof of a vehicle caving in, which could mean serious injuries or death for the occupants of the vehicle. There is also a risk of glass shattering in car accidents due to the existing damages negatively affecting the laminated qualities of a windshield.

Visibility Issues

Drivers need to be able to clearly see out of their windshields to drive safely. A crack might seem minor. However, if it interferes with a driver having clear visibility, it put them at risk of having a car accident. Cracks may also reflect sunlight and headlights. This can cause a temporarily blinding glare that can lead to car accidents. This is one of the main reasons that law enforcement issues citations for cracked windshields.

Water Leaks

Windshields may leak if they have cracks or chips. This is more common when the damages are near the perimeter of a windshield. Leaks can cause a number of issues such as offensive odors in the cabin of a vehicle, damage to carpet and upholstery, or mold growth. A more serious consequence of ignoring leaky windshields is damage to the electrical components of a vehicle. This type of damage requires a windshield replacement.

Airbag Deployment Issues

Airbags are a lifesaving feature in modern vehicles. However, they have to deploy correctly. Windshields and airbags work together to protect occupants of a vehicle in a collision. The airbags deploy, and the windshield acts as a backup. If the glass is compromised, it is likely that it will shatter when the force of the airbags makes contact with it. This minimizes or makes the airbag deployment effective. It may even make the car accident worse.

An auto glass repair company is a good resource to use to determine if a windshield repair or replacement is needed. Drivers should contact them soon after their auto glass gets damaged. This can make a major difference in whether a cost-effective repair can be made. It also ensures that a vehicle is safe to drive.

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