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Replacing Your Windshield: Aftermarket Or OEM?

When you need a new windshield on your car, you need to make some decisions. The first thing to consider is whether you want to install it yourself or leave it to a professional. It's typically best left to a professional because they have the training and expertise to safely and correctly install the windshield. Then, you need to decide whether you want your windshield from an aftermarket supplier or if you want original equipment.

Original Equipment

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are the suppliers that produce equipment for vehicle manufacturers. That is the part or component that was originally manufactured for your car. When you opt for an OEM windshield, there's typically only one supplier, so you'll be limited on your options for pricing as well as supply. Many OEM products are more expensive than their aftermarket alternatives, but you can be certain that an OEM windshield will not only fit precisely as intended but it will include all of the features and elements that you had in the car when you bought it. There are no concerns about an ill fit or the quality of the windshield in these instances.

Aftermarket Options

If you're considering other alternatives instead of original equipment, you might find that you have many aftermarket choices. It's important to consider the quality of your aftermarket windshield carefully before you make a decision.

Aftermarket products have to meet a series of safety and quality standards for vehicles, but that doesn't mean that an aftermarket windshield will be identical to the original equipment. Consider any potential differences in dimensions, thickness, protective coatings, and other elements before you settle on your ideal windshield for your car.

Additional Features

One thing you might be surprised to find out is that even when you choose original equipment, you might have the opportunity to get additional features with your new windshield. Depending on the age of your car, there might be a newer version of your windshield with additional UV barriers, on-windshield heads-up displays, and other new advancements. Talk with your windshield installation technician about any options available to enhance your replacement windshield regardless of its origins.

The more you understand about original equipment and aftermarket solutions, the easier it is for you to choose the windshield that's right for your application. Talk with your installation technician today about your goals with your new windshield. That way, you can find the product that works with both your budget and your personal preferences. 

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