The World Is Better, Thanks to Glass

Maintaining Your New Glass Shower Door

If you recently had a glass shower door installed in your bathroom, you likely want it to retain its original appearance for as long as possible. Keeping glass looking like new requires some maintenance steps to be taken. Here are some tasks to take to keep your glass shower door in pristine condition. 

Clean Your Door Each Time You Take A Shower

Keep a few supplies handy inside your shower so you can clean the interior of your glass door frequently. To remove soapy water from the glass, use a glass cleaner made especially for showers, a squeegee, and a washcloth. Spray down the inside of the door with the cleaner after you have showered. Let the solution sit for a minute or so and then starting at the top of the door, squeegee the solution across the glass. Hold a washcloth near the edge of the squeegee to collect any dirty water. This simple action minimizes the potential for soap buildup on your glass door.

Check On Your Door's Components Regularly

When you get in and out of your shower, take the time to inspect the handle on each side, the hinges, and the framework around the glass for flaws. If you notice a component is not working regularly or if it seems damaged, contact a shower door installation service to inquire about replacement parts. If you are unable to perform a swap of the parts on your own, a shower installation service can dispatch a worker to your home to check out your door and make appropriate repairs.

Keep Your Glass Door Smooth With Vinegar

Every few weeks, deep clean your shower door with a vinegar and water mixture. To make the solution, add equal parts of vinegar and water into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat the contents in your microwave. This warm solution can then be sprayed on your glass door. Perform the removal process in the same manner as when you perform routine cleaning sessions. The solution removes debris and fills in any small pits within the glass, leaving behind a silky, smooth surface.

Know What You Need To Avoid

When you clean your glass shower door, avoid using any cleaning agent with an acidic base. Always use a solution made especially for glass. Do not rub your shower door with abrasive pieces of cloth and instead opt for a piece of microfiber cloth or a chamois. Do not allow for any soapy water to harden on your glass door, but instead perform cleaning sessions as frequently as possible.

Contact a local glass shower door service to learn more.