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Tips For Fixing A Chip In Your Windshield

Did you get a chip in your windshield when driving down the freeway? If so, it is definitely something that you'll want to fix as soon as possible. That's because small chips can turn into large cracks, which will require you to replace your windshield. Here are some tips for repairing that chip on your own.

Buy A Windshield Repair Kit

Your local auto store should sell windshield repair kits, which have all of the tools you need to fix a small chip in your windshield. The kit often describes the type of damage that it can repair along with a picture of it. Some common types of damage include chips, stars, bull's-eyes, and cracks. Makes sure the kit is capable of fixing the damage you have at its current size. 

Follow The Directions For Sunlight Exposure

There are going to be specific directions regarding if the car should be in the sun or the shade during the repair. It's common for the car to remain out of the shade while you perform the initial repairs, then move it into the sun while it cures. Read the entire set of directions before you begin to make sure that you get it right.

Clean The Glass

You will need to clean the area around the chip with a razor blade. The goal is to get the glass around the chip to feel as smooth as possible, then use the edges of the razorblade to get rid of any loose glass or dirt in the crack. 

Use The Suction Cup Mount

Use care when applying the suction cup mount to the glass, since you do not want to put too much pressure on the glass and make the chip bigger. There is a hole in the middle of the suction cup mount that should be positioned directly above the chip. Once it is aligned, gently apply pressure to the suction cups so that it sticks in place and doesn't shift the mount. 

Apply The Resin

A plunger has an end that will screw into the mount until it touches the windshield. Then you will insert the resin by only applying the specified amount of drops. The plunger part then screws into the hole and applies pressure to the resin. Turn the plunger slowly to release air and apply the resin directly to the crack. Then you will wait while the resin cures. 

When finished, you'll remove the suction cup mount, apply a curing strip to remove any air and let it cure in the sun. Your windshield will be fixed before you know it. 

Contact a local windshield repair service to learn more.