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How Hard Will A Window Replacement Project Be?

If you own a house long enough, you'll have to do a window replacement project or two. Folks who've never had window replacement contractors visit their places might wonder how hard the job is likely to be. Many factors affect the difficulty or easiness of replacing windows so let's look at 5 of the most important ones.

Size of the Project

Understandably, replacing multiple windows will take more time. On the upside, the contractors can usually replace them using the same system or at least one that's fairly similar between the several windows. If you suspect you're going to need to do more than one window replacement, there may also be discounts available. Generally, doing several at once is going to be easier and more cost-effective than handling one or two windows each year until you get them all replaced.

Types of Windows

The more standardized a window is in terms of dimension and system, the easier the project will be. Window replacement contractors can usually deal with complex systems, but it takes time to figure out what's going on and how to address the issue. For example, replacing a large and curved bay window is going to be a much bigger job than dealing with a typical rectangular window that just slides up and down.


Ideally, the structure surrounding the window is in good enough shape for reuse. However, extensive damage will create bigger problems. Window replacement contractors need to remove and replace damaged materials around each window to ensure everything will be solid and energy-efficient. Otherwise, there is a risk that the window will have more issues within a few years or at least end up leaking air between the inside and outside.


Replacing a window means opening up a hole in the side of your house, even if just for a little bit. Especially if you're replacing several windows or one large window, the weather will dictate how tough or easy the job might be. You will want to have a few backup days in mind in case the window replacement contractors need to reschedule.


The dimensions of the windows will also determine the difficulty of the project. If the windows have standard dimensions, you and the window replacement professionals are going to have an easier time finding new ones. The alternative is that you'll either need to order custom windows or redo the opening.

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