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Debunking 4 Common Misconceptions About Frameless Shower Doors

Naturally, as a homeowner, you always strive to improve your home's value and appearance. So, are the myths about frameless shower doors stopping you from installing these doors? It is not uncommon for homeowners to play safe and go for framed door options. But what if you want a frameless shower door? Below are some myths to ignore, allowing you to confidently go ahead with your plans to install a frameless shower door.

1. They Are Too Delicate

This is probably your biggest concern when looking into frameless glass shower doors. Many homeowners shy away from installing these doors because they believe that the glass is too fragile and might break shortly after installation. Contrary to common belief, frameless doors are built sturdy and strong in order to serve their purpose. They often have thicker glass to make them less fragile. Therefore, consider choosing tempered glass as an added precaution to reduce the chances of it shattering.

2. They Don't Offer Privacy

Although shower curtains are opaque and improve privacy, they will likely make your bathroom space look smaller and dull. If you are worried that frameless shower doors will affect your privacy, you might want to look into textured and frosted options. Manufacturers understand your privacy concerns. They provide frosted and textured doors to improve privacy without compromising the curb appeal of your bathroom. Furthermore, you can customize the door with tints, acid etching, or door screens to improve privacy. Lack of privacy is certainly no reason to avoid glass doors and buy cheap, outdated curtains.

3. They Are Costly

Frameless shower doors look classy and luxurious. It is common for homeowners to assume that they are pricy and way beyond their budget. However, you will be surprised to discover that glass doors aren't exclusive to high-end hotels. Contact contractors and suppliers to learn about the best doors that fall within your budget. Since installing a classy and good-looking door boosts your home's value and appeal, you might fetch good returns on your investment if you decide to sell your house.

4. They Are Prone to Leakage

It is a common misconception that frameless shower doors leak water because they lack frames to lock in the vapor and moisture. However,  an experienced installation contractor can help protect you from making minor mistakes that might leave gaps between the doors. The contractor will ensure the doors lock in moisture and prevent water from spreading to the other parts of your bathroom.

Don't let myths and misconceptions stop you from installing frameless shower doors. Consider working with a local contractor to ensure you get quality installation and enjoy the benefits of having a reliable glass shower door.