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Adding A New Sunroom To Your Home

A sunroom can be an area that allows you to thoroughly enjoy spending time in the sun while still staying in the comfort of your house. When adding a sunroom, there are some basic design considerations that will have to influence the decisions that you make.

The Windows In A Sunroom Should Be Designed To Block Ultraviolet Light

The sunroom that you install will allow large amounts of light into the house. Unfortunately, this can also allow ultraviolet light to enter. This type of light can be extremely damaging to your home's interior and your skin. The windows that you install in the sunroom can be equipped with films that will block out the ultraviolet light before it is able to enter. These tints can achieve this without impacting the amount of light that is entering as ultraviolet light is not on the visible spectrum, and many of the tints that can block this type of light will actually be clear.

A Sunroom May Benefit From Impact Glass

Due to the large number of windows that are in the sunroom, there can be a higher risk of one or more of them breaking. Whether this is due to accidents or storm-blown debris, it can create some substantial issues for the home. In order to mitigate the risk of this occurring in your new sunroom, you can choose to install windows that use impact-resistant glass. This is an option that will be far less likely to fail or shatter in response to strong blows, and this can greatly increase the safety and security of this new room.

Porches And Patios Can Often Be Retrofitted Into Sunrooms

When you are deciding where to add the sunroom to your house, you might assume that it will be required to build an entirely new addition to the home. Luckily, there are other more efficient options that you can use to achieve this look. One example of this could be converting the porch or patio into a sunroom. This can avoid the need to build a new foundation for this room, which can keep both the costs and the time needed for this change to a minimum. It may still be advisable to have the patio or porch inspected to ensure that it can support the weight of the new sunroom, and a sunroom design and construction contractor will be able to complete this type of assessment for you.

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