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Why You Might Need an Auto Glass Repairman for a Car You Have Kept in Storage

Whether you were keeping the car in storage so that it was fresh and new for a certain occasion, or you just haven't been able to find the time to tinker on it and improve it yourself, many American's keep cars in storage. Some do this at home, under a large car tarp, while others will rent out special storage units to provide maximum security for their precious vehicles.

Whatever the case may be, read on to learn a few reasons why you need an auto glass repair service.

Seals Get Old and Cracked

Many car window seals are a type of rubber that is great for keeping water out of your cabin but also does not last forever. In dry, warm conditions, these rubber seals can crack and disintegrate into nothing more than dust. If you lived near the beach or had other environmental conditions causing intense strain on your seals this process can be hastened. It can also happen to all windows, from your windshield to the passengers in the back. An auto glass specialist can help restore these parts of your car to brand new so that they look and feel as they should. 

Electrical Faults

Just like your rubber seals, electrical components can age and become obsolete when left in storage for months and years at a time. While not all auto glaziers also work with auto electrical problems, a lot will take a look at your power windows and investigate the issue for you. If it affects just one window, you may want to be safe rather than sorry and get all of them checked out and repaired in anticipation of a similar issue occurring all over the car. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a stuffy vintage car with no way to get air in!

Chipped or Pitted Glass

If you haven't taken a lot of effort to store your car and perhaps only put a couple of sheets over it, or maybe even left it alone, then there is a decent chance that dust build-up, in addition to other materials, can chip and pit your windshield. This will be evident from tiny little scratches that almost look like dried-up water spots. This is a very frustrating problem to have as it doesn't look that serious but it also indicates the overall structural integrity of the car's windshield has been damaged and you should not risk driving it in its current state.