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Signs You Should Upgrade From A Shower Curtain To A Shower Door

A shower door installation isn't as expensive as you'd think. In fact, you can get a sliding glass shower door installation done for about $500 — however, you'll pay more if you choose more ornate styles or something like a frameless option. You can continue to use your shower curtain in your bathroom, but upgrading to a shower door can be a great benefit you can enjoy right away.

If you're on the fence about upgrading from a shower curtain to a shower door, this guide is for you. In learning the benefits of a shower door installation, you will be more informed when it comes to making a decision about this type of home project. Here are signs you need to go with the upgrade and get a shower door in your bathroom.

You can't keep your bathroom dry

When you have a shower door installation done, you help keep your bathroom dry. Water droplets can escape while you are showering or if the curtain is moved — especially if you have kids using the shower. Fortunately, a shower door has a tight seal that keeps the water where you want it.

You can't keep mold or mildew at bay

A shower door is much easier to clean than a shower curtain, so make the upgrade to a shower door installation if you're tired of the mildew smell you can't get rid of. Your installation specialist will show you how to clean your shower door when you have it put in.

You can't keep from falling

A glass shower installation can help prevent falls by offering you something solid to hold on to if you happen to fall. A shower curtain will simply give way and bring you down to the ground, along with the curtain rod. Conversely, a shower door will hold tight and will be installed with useful and safe handrails to make navigating in the shower easier.

Keep in mind that falling in the shower can be prevented by having non-slip mats put in the shower area and by being careful when showering. That said, it's wise to choose a shower door that is easy to open and close so you don't have to worry about balance when showering.

Your shower door installation specialist will help you pick a beautiful and private glass door for your bathroom. The upgrade will make your space appear more modern and intimate as well, which may be a great benefit. For more information, contact a shower door installation service.